November 2014 First Presbyterian Church
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Schedule 2014
  9:30 - Sunday School
10:15 - Fellowship
10:30 - Worship

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Dear Church Family,

Hugs with arms wide open for the folks who served as “the rehearsed voices of the congregation” this past Sunday. Hearty souls and talented voices sat in the choir area and led us in the service. What an enrichment to our worship. Keep your ears tuned for more during Advent. But first – this coming Sunday the 2nd is our New Beginnings kick off. Please be present for worship in the Fellowship Hall, lunch immediately after and then our kick off. We will have the first look at the custom report prepared for our congregation with the help of leaders in our congregation and expert consultants. A copy is being prepared just for you. We will share a short movie and some readings and have some small group discussion time. Small groups will continue for the next six weeks. The task is to discern and make decision(s) about what God would have us look like. These small group sessions will guide us through the process of identifying where we are, what the needs in our community are and what strengths we will build on. The next phase will involve developing strategies and near term plans to meet the needs we identify.

Beyond this kickoff we will have three groups meeting at different times – one on Thursday early evening, one during the day on Thursday and probably one on Sunday afternoon. If none of the times will work for you or if you are somewhat housebound we’ll make arrangements to come to you. Having the input of as many of us as possible will make for a stronger plan. Since we will make important decision(s) at key points in the process – please take this time to be heard. Later on it might not be so helpful.

Yeah! – the work on the outside of the building started this week. Please greet our crew warmly as you see them around for the next couple of months.

And get ready ---- The Empty Bowl project (16th), Thanksgiving lunch (23rd), worship in Fellowship Hall on the 30th, Advent flute music during worship on the 7th, maybe a little choir offering on the 14th, just to name a few ways we will enjoy God together this fall and through Advent and Christmastide.

Glad to grow with you,


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Inreach/Outreach - Mary Alice Adamson - Moderator
1. Continued prayers and expressions of concern are requested for those in our church family in need of our concern, love and support.

2. On Sunday, November 2nd we will begin the next phase of work on New Beginnings with a meal at church after worship. This will be followed by 5 weeks of small group meetings, then a final gathering of everyone. Mark your calendars and plan to be in church on November 2nd!

3. On Sunday, November 23rd, we will have our annual Thanksgiving Dinner.

1. The HOPE Mission Advisory Board did not meet this month.

2. The annual Empty Bowl Event benefitting HOPE will be held Sunday, 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM, November 16th, at the Central Baptist Church. A donation of $10 per person or $30 per family is suggested. Call the church office for information on obtaining tickets, or make donations at the door on arrival.

3. First Presbyterian Church will sponsor the To Your Health Luncheon at HOPE on Thursday, November 20th, at 11:30 AM. Call HOPE to make reservations!
Welcome, Bonner Bowden, To Our Church
We welcomed Bonner Bowden as a new member to our church during worship on Sunday, October 12th. The session had met with him at a called meeting prior to worship where he was accepted by transfer of his church letter from a Presbyterian Church in Omaha, Nebraska. Bonner was reared in West Texas, graduated from the University of Kansas, and is married to Julie. They have two grown children - a son and grandkids in DFW area, and a daughter and her husband in North Carolina.

Bonner and Julie came back to Texas from Nebraska to be closer to the grandkids. They live in Kiepersol. He is mostly retired, geologist by schooling, active in the oil business, and has had his own geological consulting firm since 1989.

Bonner has been a Presbyterian all of his adult life. He has been a ruling elder a number of years and has served in all areas of the church. Since the day he first walked in the doors at First Presbyterian Church in Jacksonville late September, he has been an active participant in worship and now in Sunday School. And if you were seated near him during worship, you know he has a wonderful singing voice, too.

We welcome Bonner with open arms to our “merry little band,” as Vicki enjoys calling us.
Thank You From the Wildcats
Wayne and Tolly Wildcat thank everyone for their wishes, prayers, offers, thoughts, and emails when Wayne broke his leg. He is making good progress. He can now put some weight on his leg, and walk with a walker. The pain is much less now, until he exercises or sits too long. We appreciate everyone very much, and we are looking forward to getting back to church to see all of you!

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November 1 - All Saints’ Day
November 2 - Communion; New Beginnings lunch right after worship and all invited to meeting; 21st Sunday after Pentecost; Daylight savings ends - set your clocks back Saturday night
November 4 - Election Day
November 9 - 22nd Sunday after Pentecost
November 11 - Veterans Day
November 16 - Empty Bowl event after worship (Session meeting date and time changed to November 20th temporarily)
November 20 - HOPE lunch at 11:30 AM. See Inreach/Outreach article!
November 20 - Session meeting at 5:30 PM at the church (not a permanent date change)
November 21-22 - Grace Presbytery Stated meeting at Canyon Creek Presbyterian Church
November 23 - Communion - Christ the King Sunday; Church’s Annual Thanksgiving Dinner following worship
November 27 - Thanksgiving Day (church office closed)

* Kay Steelman’s mom, Marge Magouyrk, at Bonner Place and not feeling well.
* Mary Johnson has moved to a Retirement Village in Longview.
* Mary Louise McGaughey has recently moved into Angelina House and is enjoying herself.
* Wayne Wildcat is recovering from a broken leg suffered in a fall at his home. He has had surgery and is on the road to recovery slowly but surely. Tolly is making sure he has plenty of rest when he is not involved in rehab therapy for his broken leg. Get well soon, Wayne!
* Sara Barnett is back at church with Jerry after her recent health difficulties! Good to have you back, Sara and Jerry!
* Paul McElhaney and Ann McElhaney both continue to have health difficulties and need our prayers.
* Willie B. Paine continues rehab at Senior Care and is feeling much better

Please keep all in your hearts and your prayers.
Smiles and Faces
Betty Addington, Mary Alice Adamson & Vickie Griffin
Robert & Cheryl Adamson
Larry McCarroll
John Ross
Jerry & Sara Barnett

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SESSION NOTES - Carole H. Cook, Clerk of Session
Session met on October 19, 2014 for its regular meeting in the church’s session room. The meeting followed immediately after the worship service. Rev. Victoria Griffin called the meeting to order at 11:37 AM and opened the meeting with a prayer. A quorum was present.

Elders present were: Sterling Steelman, Treasurer; Carole H. Cook, Clerk of Session; John Ross; and Mary Alice Adamson. Excused absence: Wayne Wildcat and Ann Chandler

Treasurer Sterling Steelman presented the September financial report, reviewed it with the session, and answered questions pertaining to the report. It was noted that Investments were down. Report was noted by consensus as received. Mary Alice Adamson moved that a portion of the Peacemaking Offering be given to Parents Anonymous. Seconded. Approved.

Minutes of the 10-19-14 regular session meeting, the 10-5-14 congregational meeting, and the 10-12-14 called meeting were approved as presented. Rev. Griffin brought the session up to date about members and regular visitors in the hospital or ill at home. Bonner B. Bowden met with the session in a called meeting 10-12-14 and joined our church by transfer of his church letter from a Presbyterian Church in Omaha, Nebraska. Bonner is a longtime elder of PCUSA. He was welcomed to the congregation during worship following the called meeting.

Session elected Ken Cook as the session’s commissioner to the Stated Presbytery meeting at Canyon Creek PC in Richardson, Friday, November 21 thru November 22, with a second commissioner to be determined. Carole Cook, as a member of two Presbytery structure committees - Permanent Judicial Commission and Administrative Commission on Property, has a vote at the meeting as does Rev. Griffin as a teaching elder. Both will be in attendance at the Presbytery meeting.

Rev. Griffin gave the Building and Grounds update in Wayne Wildcat’s absence and brought everyone up to date with his recovery progress. Boiler needs reworking because of a blockage. Work has started. Session ratified cleaning the boiler up to $2000 in repair/cleaning costs.

Personnel and Finance Committee had no report. Outreach/Inreach (Mission) report is elsewhere in this newsletter.

No report for Worship in Ann Chandler’s absence other than the committee is working on Advent and Christmas. Christian Education is continuing its adult classroom study of the Thoughtful Christian. Class regularly has twelve attendees.

Unfinished Business: Rev. Griffin gave an update on the upcoming New Beginnings leadership training session and lunch on November 2, following worship. November 2nd will be the first day of our church’s first session in New Beginnings with members of our own church leading the small groups. It is important that all members and frequent visitors attend this meeting at the church following worship. More details will be forthcoming.

Carole Cook, Moderator of the Nominating Committee, reported that the officer elections had been held during the congregational meeting on October 5th with Ken Cook and Patrick Matthews elected Elders in the class of 2017. Congregational members elected to the 2015 Nominating Committee are Sara Barnett, Larry McCarroll, and Madeleine Ross.

The Commissioner’s report of the Presbytery meeting held in Longview September 27 was approved as received.

The Workman’s Compensation insurance was discussed and Rev. Griffin is checking with other church’s about their WC insurance needs.

Session meeting was adjourned with prayer by Rev. Griffin at 12:35 PM.

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         Page 8 - Calendar, November 2014           Join in on Praying for Our Church Family
M/M Marvin Barnes
M/M Mike Vaughn

Kate Kombos
Justin Paine
J N Grimes
Larry McCarroll
Heather Metzig
Kirk Sadler

Guest Minister








All Saints Day

Daylight Savings Time ends...Set clocks back 1 hour before bedtime.

Madeleine Ross
Patrick Matthews
Martha Kelly

New Beginnings Kick-off

Prayers for Martha Kelly

Trinity Circle





Carole Cook
John Ross
Larry McCarroll


Prayers for the McCarroll family






Mary Alice Adamson
Sterling & Kay Steelman

Empty Bowl Event

Prayers for the Ross Family



Session Meeting 5:30PM at Church


Grace Presbytery Stated Meeting @ Canyon Creek Presbyterian Church

Bonner Bowden
Ken & Carole Cook

Christ the King Reign of Christ

Thanksgiving Luncheon


Prayers for the Vaughn Family



Thanksgiving Day



John Ross
Madeleine Ross
Angie Goodpasture

First Sunday in Advent


Prayers for the Goodpasture Family

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