March 2015 First Presbyterian Church
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Schedule 2015
  9:30 - Sunday School
10:15 - Fellowship
10:30 - Worship

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Dear Church Family,

Your New Beginnings team leaders are meeting this coming Thursday to put together our next all congregation workshop. Please join me in prayer for this work and for all of us as we discern God’s will and move forward.

This business of changing isn’t easy work. We’re all eager and want to “get there” and at the same time keep running into stuff we didn’t imagine. It’s pretty hard when we think we’ve honed our tools our whole lives and now oops it’s all different. To use the vernacular “somebody moved my cheese”. In a sense it feels like we’re trying to learn to walk again and we thought we had that down. That old adage about learning from experience is more true than we know. Our experience teaches us and conditions our belief and perception.

I wanted to share some food for thought during this journey of Lent and this season of transition for us. This comes by way of Rev. Larry Wohlrabe and is from the great theologian Lesslie Newbigin.

“God’s purpose is precisely to break open that shell of egotism in which you are imprisoned since Adam first fell and to give you back the new nature which is content to owe the debt of love to all men. And so God deals with us through one another. One is chosen to be the bearer of the message to another, one people to be God’s witnesses to all people. Each of us has to hear the gospel from the lips of another or we cannot hear it at all…Salvation comes to each of us not, so to say, straight down from heaven through the skylight, but through a door that is opened by our neighbor.” (from Paul Weston, Lesslie Newbigin: Missionary Theologian, A Reader (Eerdmans, 2006), p. 50.)

Let us open ourselves and be both bearers and receivers of the Good News.

The God of covenants remains steadfast over and over again,


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Newsletter Staff

Carole Cook

Kathy Barker

Larry McCarroll
Carole Cook

Tolly Wildcat; Carole Cook and anyone else who would like to share a church photograph in the Newsletter.

All Moderators of Sesson Committees and anyone else who would like to participate. The office and the editor have the session approved guidelines for what may go in the newsletter. Any exceptions to the guidelines will be sent by the editor to the session for approval. No political article, please. We always need helpers for putting the newsletter together each month: labeling; stamping and mailing. Many thanks to Angie Goodpasture for offering her services in this area and helping out.
The Christian Education Committee, which plans and conducts the educational program of the church, has reconstituted itself for 2015. Members will be John Ross (chair), Madeleine Ross, Ray Cryer, and Bonner Bowden.

Sunday school is continuing with downloadable studies from The Thoughtful Christian. The last three Sessions as well as at least the next two will involve a study of the history of racism. The plan is to continue use of The Thoughtful Christian studies for the rest of the year, with an emphasis on social gospel subjects, interspersed with more traditional Bible study and some examination of the theological subjects.
OUTREACH/ INREACH - Mary Alice Adamson, Moderator
1. This committee is organizing for the year with Mary Alice Adamson, chair and Ken Cook thus far as members. Others will be contacted soon.

2. Our church did not have a representative at the Mission Advisory Board of HOPE this month, but items which were discussed to be shared with local congregations are as follows:

A. The Feinstein Challenge has been cancelled this year as Mr. Feinstein will be contributing to college scholarships. In the future. However, a HOPE board member has offered the continue a proportional marching challenge for those giving donations or bringing in food items to HOPE from 33/1/15 through 4/30/15. The churches are urged to participate in this challenge which will support the feeding programs at HOPE.

B. Celebrity Host Dinner will be held at Central Baptist Church Fellowship Hall on 4/18/15 at 7 PM as a fund raiser for HOPE. The tables will seat 8 individuals at $25 each for a total of $200 per table. Anyone interested in hosting a table can contact Cheryl Adamson or Vicki Griffin for more information.

3. Except for 2007-2008 our church has donated to the Souper Bowl of Caring every year from 2000-2015 giving a total of $3700 and numerous food items. This year we contributed $342 plus many food items for the HOPE pantry.

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Lenton Breakfast

Sterling Steelman
Bonner Bowden & Larry McCarroll
Ray Cryer; Wayne Wildcat; Martha Kelly & Bonner Bowden
Patrick Matthews
Wayne Wildcat & Martha Kelly
Ann Chandler; Bonner Bowden & Tolly Wildcat
Larry McCarroll; Patrick Matthews & Shannon Smyrl
Shannon Smyrl & Ann Chandler
Kay & Sterling Steelman

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1. This committee, thus far, will consist of Mary Alice Adamson, Chair, and Kenneth Cook. Sterling Steelman will serve as an ex officio member in an advisory capacity only on matter pertaining to budget/ finance.

2. Only one item has developed requiring action which is as follows: Larry McCarroll made a request that the money contributed by the Adult Sunday School Class be directed to the Sylvia McCarroll Fund at HOPE and be given to HOPE in June each year so it will receive matching funds through a McCarroll family member’s employment. Our church treasurer has agreed to oversee the management of this transfer and the P & F Committee requests Session approval for this process to take place. The funds will continue to go toward the Backpack Program at HOPE.
BUILDING AND GROUNDS - Wayne Wildcat, Moderator
(Editor’s note: This report is two pages in length, so it is condensed somewhat so it can better fit the newsletter. Please check with Tolly Wildcat if you would like the read the report in its entirety.)

The new doors on in place in the church, but yet to be keyed - hoping for one new key for all doors - and trim to be painted. Steps still to be done at back door and railing, perhaps. Exum’s Electrician put in a new circuit and 4 plugs in the kitchen (so this year there was electricity for the Pancake breakfast preparations in the kitchen) The lights on the porch and old plugs in kitchen need further repair.

The building across the alley has been made more secure (by owner.) Sterling replaced the door knob/lock in church’s new bathroom. New switch for the lights in the Fellowship Hall so no need to climb steps to the stage to turn them one. Begun cleaning of the kitchen pantry. Leak under the kitchen sink is being looked at. Members who signed up to be on the B & G committee are: Wayne Wildcat, Moderator; Tolly Wildcat; Ann Chandler; John Ross; Patrick Matthews; Martha Kelly; Ken Cook.

Committee made lists of Building needs, including lighting, security, use by community; water leaks, painting, keep up with needs for maintenance; arrange for repairs with session approval.

A similar list was made for Grounds: See that the grounds are maintained and beautiful; maintain a grounds plan; watch for holes elderly can step in and fall; need adequate railings for the elderly; be present when building is in use; external light for Rose Window (solar?), front steps safety; signage. If you happen to see a problem area, please notify someone in the B & G committee so repairs can be made in a timely manner. Thanks for all your help.

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SESSION NOTES - Carole H. Cook, Clerk of Session
Session met on Ash Wednesday, February 19, 2015 for its regular meeting in the church’s session room. After the session meeting, the Team Leaders met to discuss progress and ideas for New Beginnings. Rev. Victoria Griffin called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM and opened the meeting with a prayer and a reading. A quorum was present.

Elders present were: Sterling Steelman, Treasurer; Carole H. Cook, Clerk of Session; John Ross; Ann Chandler, Mary Alice Adamson, Wayne Wildcat and incoming elders Ken Cook and Patrick Matthews. Rev. Griffin welcomed the newly installed elders.

Treasurer Sterling Steelman presented the January financial report, reviewed it with the session, and answered questions pertaining to the report. Report was noted by consensus as received. Session approved withdrawal of funds to add to the operating fund and pay for Exum Waterproofing.

Minutes of the January session meeting were approved as presented by consensus. Rev. Griffin brought the session up-to-date about members and regular visitors in the hospital or ill at home. Rev. Griffin has ill family members in addition to church family members suffering illnesses. Grace Presbytery meeting November 21-22 in Richardson at Canyon Creek PC was attended by Rev. Griffin, Ken and Carole Cook attended. The Presbytery meeting report was sent to the session in advanced of the session meeting.

Rev. Griffin explained our next agenda will have both the consent agenda and the regular Agenda which makes session work more organized at the meeting. Consent agendas are quite common and are also used by Grace Presbytery.

Wayne Wildcat gave the Building and Grounds report. Session approved paying Maddox’s latest bill. Session also discussed how to pay guest employees such as the pianists we are using at the present time. We all miss Helen Fordyce, her beautiful smile, and her marvelous organ music. Our deepest sympathy goes to Bob Fordyce and her family.

Personnel and Finance Committee had no report. Outreach/Inreach (Mission) report is elsewhere in this newsletter.

Ann Chandler reported communion is going well with enough servers when we have communion. Christian Education is continuing its adult classroom study of the Thoughtful Christian. Class regularly has twelve attendees.

Session elected Ken Cook and Patrick Matthews as the session representatives to the Grace Presbytery meeting in Dallas at NorthPark PC. Session also elected John Ross and Mary Alice Adamson as the session representatives to the congregational nominating committee for 2015. John Ross will serve as Moderator. Session had no unfinished business. No communications.

Keys for the new doors for the church are being discussed and will be available for use before long. Meanwhile, continue to use the old keys and go through the kitchen door until the keys are available.

Session meeting was adjourned with prayer by Rev. Griffin at 7:10 PM.

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Important Dates

March 1 - 2nd Sunday in Lent; Communion
March 2 - Trinity Circle meets at the church at 10 AM
March 6 - World Day of Prayer
March 7 - Grace Presbytery meeting at NorthPark PC, Dallas, Texas
March 8 - 3rd Sunday in Lent; Communion
March 15 - 4th Sunday in Lent; Communion
March 19 - Session meeting at the church
March 22 - 5th Sunday in Lent
March 29 - Palm Sunday; Holy Week begins

Our deepest sympathy to Bob Fordyce and family for the loss of wife, mother, and gifted organist, Helen Fordyce. Helen had been organist for our church for well over 50 years and rarely ever missed a single Sunday in all those years. We will all miss her cheerful smile, her professionalism, and her compassion for music. Helen had been ill with pneumonia for several weeks.
* Kay Steelman’s mom, Marge Magouyrk, at Bonner Place and not feeling well.
* Mary Johnson has moved to a Retirement Village in Longview.
* Mary Louise McGaughey is in Angelina House.
* Larry McCarroll’s niece, Chelle McCarroll is in the hospital in Dallas and in need of our prayers.
* Jerry Barnett is recovering from wrist surgery and doing better.
* Paul McElhaney and Ann McElhaney both continue to have health difficulties and need our prayers.
* Willie B. Paine continues rehab at Senior Care and is feeling much better.

Please keep all in your hearts and your prayers.

Madeleine Ross
John Ross; Ken Cook and Ann Chandler

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         Page 7 - Calendar, March 2015           Join in on Praying for Our Church Family

Wayne Wildcat
Sally Peacock
John Ross

Guest Minister








Larry McCarroll
Ken Cook
Ann Chandler

Holy Communion

Prayers for the Barnes Family

Trinity Circle
10 AM at the Church




Grace Presbytery
Northpark PC

Set clocks forward 1 hour before bedtime for DST

John Ross
Patrick Matthews
Martha Kelly

Holy Communion
Daylight Savings Time Begins

Prayers for Mary Louise McGaughey






Bonner Bowden
Shannon Smyrl
Larry McCarroll

Holy Communion

Prayers for the Bowden Family



Session Meeting 5:30PM at Church



Madeleine Ross
Patrick Matthews
Martha Kelly

Prayers for the Peacock Family






Ann Chandler
Carol Barnes
Sara Hadskey

Prayers for Mary Decker


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