July 2015 First Presbyterian Church
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Schedule 2015
  9:30 - Sunday School
10:15 - Fellowship
10:30 - Worship

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Dear Church Family,

For the rest of my life when we refer to “how fast things” change we will say remember June of 2015. What a month! What a week! And God consistently and constantly loves us each and all. Testify. Share the Good News!

During July we will join in the East Texas Presbyterian Preacher Round Robin. On the 12th Gordon Blackmon from Alpine in Longview will be in our pulpit and I will be in Henderson. On the 19th Kendal Land from 1st Longview will join us and I will be at 1st Longview and then on the 19th our good friend Candice Klein will be here and I’ll be at Alpine. I know you will blessed getting to hear these three gifted voices proclaim the word.

In August we will have Kerry Simes, a member of 1st Tyler, as guest musician leading us in gospel hymns and song. He will be here on the 9th and 16th and on the 23rd he’ll be joined by an organist and singer. Don’t miss these Sundays.

I’m already tired of the summer heat and Praise Be to God for the gifts of homegrown tomatoes and cream peas! In the joy of knowing God is love,


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Newsletter Staff

Carole Cook

Kathy Barker

Larry McCarroll
Carole Cook

Tolly Wildcat; Carole Cook and anyone else who would like to share a church photograph in the Newsletter.

All Moderators of Sesson Committees and anyone else who would like to participate. The office and the editor have the session approved guidelines for what may go in the newsletter. Any exceptions to the guidelines will be sent by the editor to the session for approval. No political article, please. We always need helpers for putting the newsletter together each month: labeling; stamping and mailing. Many thanks to Angie Goodpasture for offering her services in this area and helping out.
Outreach/Inreach - Mary Alice Adamson, Moderator
1. The Mission Advisory Board of Hope did not meet this month. Meetings will resume after the summer vacation.

2. The Bridges Out of Poverty Facilitator Training, 6/16/15 – 6/18/15, will be attended by Rev. Vicki Griffin, Allison Hale from HOPE, and an attendee from the Al-Anon group which meets weekly in our church.

3. We Make the Road by Walking study group, which meets weekly at the 4-Way Café in Flint on Thursdays, 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM, continues to join with members of FPC-Tyler for lunch, scripture reading, and discussion of a chapter from this book. All are welcome to attend this group!

4. In May the Session voted to send XL Depends with Velcro straps to aid a single mom who is caring for her 19 year old quadriplegic son. These were purchased from Amazon and shipped to HOPE for this family.

5. Donations from our church made to the Sylvia McCarroll Fund at HOPE in June for the Back Pack Program were matched.

6. Several families were assisted following the recent storm through our church and individual members. Needs that still need filling are: single bed, queensize bed, washer/dryer, and small dinette table with 4 chairs. Contact the church if you can help with any of these requests.

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July 4 - Independence Day

July 5 - 6th Sunday after Pentecost; 14th Sunday in Ordinary time.

July 12 - 7rd Sunday after Pentecost; 15th Sunday in Ordinary time; Communion Sunday.

July 16 - Session meeting at 5:30 PM in session room.

July 19 - 8th Sunday after Pentecost; 16th Sunday in Ordinary time.

July 26 - 9th Sunday after Pentecost; 17th Sunday in Ordinary time.

June 2015
1. Annual Financial Review clarifications from Veronica Mayer, annual financial reviewer, which concludes report to Session regarding review.
A. Question: If a pledge drive is part of the budget should it be a separate line item in the budget?

Answer: Always state annually if a pledge drive will be part of the budget. If you don’t use the pledge drive to create the budget (or part of the budget) then note it in the Session minutes.

B. Question: HOPE, Inc. is a local non-profit organization to which our church and others support with contributions, therefore, what is the reasoning for requesting minutes and financial reports from this agency?

Answer: If HOPE, Inc. is not one of your ministries, this agency should provide you with a donation statement at the end of each year. Also, if any member serves on the HOPE Board of Trustees, it should be noted in the Session minutes as well.

C. Question: When and where should the decision have been made about the secretary’s benefits? Also, does this apply to all employees?

Answer: In the Session minutes it was presented without any decision or follow-up. The decision should be noted in the Session minutes. A response should be made within 2 consecutive Sessions meetings or no more than 60 days. Anytime an employee makes a request concerning salary and/or benefits, a decision should be given to them in the form of a written letter. A copy of the letter should go to the employee as well as placed in the employee’s file. This policy applies to all employees.

2. Acknowledgements received from PC(USA) Mission Agency Disaster Relief for contributions from our church for the following:
A. Storms in the Northeast – 03/20/15 - $ 150.00

B. International Disasters - 05/05/15 - $ 50.00

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SESSION NOTES - Carole H. Cook, Clerk of Session
Session met on June 18, 2015 for its regular meeting in the church’s session room at 5:30 PM. Rev. Victoria Griffin called the meeting to order and opened the meeting with a prayer and a devotional reading. A quorum was present. Moderator Griffin announced the session meeting would be a short one since she had to leave before 6:30 PM to help a rescue person.

Elders present were: Mary Alice Adamson; Ann Chandler; Patrick Matthews; Kenneth Cook. Excused absence: Wayne Wildcat and John Ross.

Also present were: Carole H. Cook, Clerk of Session; and Sterling Steelman, Treasurer.

Sterling Steelman presented the financial report, reviewed it with the session, and answered questions pertaining to the report. Report was noted by consensus as received. As part of the Consent Agenda were Mary Alice Adamson’s reports on Outreach and Personnel and Finance. The Personnel and Finance report answered the questions posed by the individual doing the financial review for 2014 and the review now stands approved. The session approved this report and the others in the Consent Agenda, including the Presbytery meeting report from its June meeting at FPC, Tyler.

Session approved taking vacation during the month of July and August for the session meetings. If urgent business needs to be handled by the session, a called meeting of the session will be announced.

Moderator Griffin asked that a portion of her report not be written in the minutes of the session meeting. This action is duly noted in the minutes as required.

At 6:20 PM, Moderator Griffin announced she had to leave the meeting, said a prayer, and the meeting was ended. Items not handled in the Regular Agenda due to lack of time will be detailed in the next session agenda. Next regular meeting will be held in September.
* Kay Steelman’s mom, Marge Magouyrk, at Bonner Place and not feeling well.
* Mary Johnson is in a health care facility, Oak Brook Health Care Center, in Whitehouse, not Longview as previously reported.
* Mary Louise McGaughey has been moved to Hospice.
* Paul McElhaney and Ann McElhaney both continue to have health difficulties and need our prayers.
* Willie B. Paine continues rehab at Senior Care.

Please keep all in your hearts and your prayers.

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         Page 6 - Calendar, July 2015           Join in on Praying for Our Church Family
M/M Marvin Barnes
M/M Mike Vaughn
M/M Wayne Wildcat

Bob Fordyce
Laura Van Conant
Kay Steelman
Mary Peacock
Mary Johnson

Guest Minister









Bible Study at the 4 Way Cafe in Flint. Lunch at 12:30 p.m. and Bible Study begins at 1:30 p.m.




Larry McCarroll
Patrick Matthews
Martha Kelly

Prayers for Robert & Cheryl Adamson

Alanon Meeting 5:00PM

Parenting Class 6-8 PM


Bible Study at the 4 Way Cafe in Flint. Lunch at 12:30 p.m. and Bible Study begins at 1:30 p.m.



Rev. Gordan Blackmon
Ann Chandler
Ken & Carole Cook

Holy Communion

Prayers for Mary Decker

Alanon Meeting 5:00PM

Parenting Class 6-8 PM


Bible Study at the 4 Way Cafe in Flint. Lunch at 12:30 p.m. and Bible Study begins at 1:30 p.m.



Rev. Kendal Land
Mary Alice Adamson

Prayers for Mary Johnson

Alanon Meeting 5:00PM

Parenting Class 6-8 PM


Bible Study at the 4 Way Cafe in Flint. Lunch at 12:30 p.m. and Bible Study begins at 1:30 p.m.



Rev. Candace Klein
Larry McCarroll
Angie Goodpasture
Carole Cook

Prayers for the Vaughn Family

Alanon Meeting 5:00PM

Parenting Class 6-8 PM


Bible Study at the 4 Way Cafe in Flint. Lunch at 12:30 p.m. and Bible Study begins at 1:30 p.m.


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