The goal of our Mission Outreach is to provide assistance to those in need locally, nationally and internationally in conjunction with the Presbyterian Church (USA) and with our Evangelism Committee. It is our goal to examine requests for assistance and support those, within our means, by utilizing the church's budgetary annual allotment along with other resources that are available.

Assist individuals and families in the county area with needs that they cannot afford. Specifically targeted to home improvement. This includes medium to minor repairs, such as painting, construction or repair of wheel chair ramps, replacing of broken windows, etc.

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COMMUNITY FOOD PANTRY: Donate food to H.O.P.E. (Helping Others Pursue Enrichment) and help serve lunch at the H.O.P.E kitchen on a rotating basis to the needy. Free breakfast and lunch are served every Monday through Friday. Also, preparing Christmas baskets and teaching.
Members put together Christmas baskets for shut-in members of the church and needy families in the community.
Furnish school supplies for needy families in the community
Take offerings for special needs, including disaster relief, hunger relief, and to improve living conditions, both nationally and internationally
This is a special mission outreach for helping single mothers with their children's prescription medicine costs.

Mission Project - July 2006

The Home Repairs Task Force tore down and rebuilt a porch for a family in the Corrine Community 3 miles west of Jacksonville. The project took approximately 6 hours. Hot and sweaty, but they had lots of water and an exquisite fried chicken lunch. Also, we were served popsicles at a very appropriate time. At one point, one of the workers inquired of Rev. Woodard if God might send some worker angels to help. To which he said - yes, he already has...US!

As a footnote, the taskforce went back 2 weeks later to make some adjustment in the angle of the porch.

            The Parson Family

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Mission Project - September 2006

The Home repairs task force built a ramp for a family off Enterprise road 4 miles north of Jacksonville. The project took 2.5 hours. It was a very cool day and the work went so fast, we did not have a chance to eat lunch. Guess the workers are getting better...No not really.

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Mission Project - October 2006

In October, the task force replaced steps and painted everything in sight for a family in Jacksonville on Lawler Street. Our hosts Mr. and Mrs. Roger Russell were very gracious in offering so much help. They also had 3 of the cutest, barkingest (if that is a word) and harmless dashhounds you ever saw. The youth of the church were also very helpful commanding the paintbrushes. The project was finished in about 3 hours.

            Mr. & Mrs. Russell

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Mission Project - February 2007

On a very cool and windy day, the task force set out for Mt. Selmon to build a wheel chair ramp. Thought it would be very hard with the cold. However, after 15 minutes of hauling plywood and 16' 2x6s around, we worked up a good sweat. The family had about 5 barking puppies that we thought would get in the way. However, after the Skil saw was started up, they disappeared under the house for the rest of the project.

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Mission Project - May 26, 2007

May being a very wet month this year, threatened to dampen or even putting off our project on this day. But the Lord did not know when he would be able to get us back out there again. So, he held off the rain so we could complete this wheel chair ramp.

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Mission Project - July 21, 2007

Again, we were worried about the rain dampening this project. However, clear skies prevailed and we knocked this out in under 2 hours. Only painting 6 shutters and replacing 1 storm door, we had our best turn-out yet - 8 workers.

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Mission Project - September 8, 2007

This job only required 3 people. Unfortunately, the roof of this house was in such a state, that we could not repair it - only patch it. We applied a heavy grade tarp and nailed it and sealed it as best we could. This should solve the majority of the leaks.

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Mission Project - October 10, 2007

We had one of our better turn-outs for this project with 8 people. We painted a wheel chair ramp; adjusted an overhang to drain water better and replaced a screen door.

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Mission Project - March 1, 2008

Due to a severe water leak over a 3 month period, our Task Force was challenged with replacing a rotted floor in a dining room and bathroom. But, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and hard work the project was completed in 7 hours with few problems.

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Mission Project - May 17, 2008

The Home Repairs Task force had one of our better turn-outs with 9 souls to paint a house in the New Haven community, west of Jacksonville. We were also blessed with excellent weather. The project was competed in 4.5 hours.

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Mission Project - August 23, 2008

We had six hardy souls on one to the most humid/hot days of the year. Building a wheel chair ramp for Mr. Odell Shamblin in Frankston, took a lot of elbow grease and cold water.

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Mission Project - February 11, 2009

On what started out as a very cold day, warmed up nicely especially after an hour or so of painting.

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Mission Project - May 16, 2009

Rain was in the forcast, but it held off until this project was complete and after we had a delicious lunch prepared by our Pastor

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Mission Project - August 15, 2009

As usual, another hot August Day. But we kept cool enough with ice water and cold drinks. The chicken came around 12:30 to give us an excuse to stop for a while.

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Mission Project - November 15, 2009

On a cool November day, we had the opportunity to do some general repairs for a single mother of two.

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Mission Project - February 27, 2010

February brought a beautiful sun shiny day for 7 workers to replace a bedroom floor and re-deck a back porch.

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Mission Project - May 29, 2010

With 7 eager workers, we replaced sheetrock and 3 interior doors.

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HOPE - Helping Others Pursue Enrichment

Preparing Christmas baskets for the needy

Mary Alice Adamson giving a health seminar.

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