The Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Jacksonville was established in 1871 by the Reverend Nicholas A Davis. Born in Alabama in 1824, he entered the ministry and moved to Texas in 1857, where he farmed and preached. He joined the 4th Texas Infantry at the start of the civil war and served as chaplain for the Confederacy in Virginia. His duties included religious services, counseling, funerals, baptisims, removal of the wounded from battlefields among other things. He also worked for better troop conditions and established hospital wards.

After the war, returning to Texas and farming, he preached, built Churches for many years and was a Trinity University trustee. He established the first commercial orchard in Jacksonville and started the development that makes the area formost in fruit growing. He pioneered the use of insecticide, better farming methods and new machinery. He died in 1894 in San Antonio.

From September 3, 1871, starting with Reverend Davis, until til March 1, 1907, we had 17 ministers. On January 14, 1906, the congregations voted to merge and become The First Presbyterian Church U.S.A. On March 25, 1907, Reverend F.H. Ford became our minister. From that time until the present, we have had 23 ministers - A total of 40 (with some as interim). And our current minister: Rev. Victoria B. Griffin

In 1971 The First Presbyterian Church of Jacksonville, Texas celebrated its 100 anniversary. Then on May 14, 1989 (Pentecost) the Presbyterian Church U.S.A celebrated its 200th anniversary of its founding in the United States. Our celebration is pictured below.