Take a Tour of our Facilities

Originally built in 1906, the image to the right is how we looked then. It served our Lord well for 54 years. Notice that the windows are open, because of course, there was no air conditioning - the days of hand held and ceiling fans. Rebuilt in 1960, the image to the left is how our Church looks today. Six of the original stain glass windows in the old church were saved and installed in the new sanctuary. And of course we do have air conditioning. Also, we have a very efficient sound system with wireless devices for the hearing impaired. All with an incomparable pipe organ. The following images depict our sanctuary; educational building, which includes our fellowship area; parlor; kitchen and nursery - schroll down.


Our sanctuary is beautifully adorned. The Chancel area includes the pulpit; the lecturn; the choir loft and the Rose Window. We have 2 magnificant chandeliers as well as the stain glass windows that are over 100 years old. The narthex is where our ushers welcome members and guests to Sunday worship.

          Fellowship Hall

    Stage Parlor and Kitchen