Each Session committee functions to help the Church to carry out its mission and ministry, operating under guidelines established by the Session and the Book of Order. The Minister is an ex-officio member of all committees. On a monthly basis, each committee reports to the Session and is accountable to it.

BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS: The Building and Grounds Committee oversees the maintenance of the church building and grounds. It is guided by the principle that we are to be good stewards of the material resources that God has placed in our hands for the advancement of His kingdom.

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION: The Christian Education Committee plans on-going educational programs throughout the year. An Adult Sunday School class meets weekly, using a variety of materials – traditional sources such as The Present Word and more topical subjects from Thoughtful Christian. Periodic discussion groups – Kindred Spirits and others – meet frequently for conversation on relevant books and other topics, followed by a fellowship meal. Special classes are scheduled from time to time with guest teachers.

MISSION AND CONGREGATIONAL OUTREACH: The Mission and Congregational Outreach Committee is responsible for the mission outreach of First Presbyterian Church and the Church’s involvement in missions of mercy and justice. It leads the congregation in providing pastoral care to those in need, to the sick, the friendless and to any who may be in distress. This committee works locally through the Church’s Home Repair Task Force and H.O.P.E., and nationally and internationally through the social welfare and relief programs of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Through a sub-committee, this group promotes and co-ordinates activities for the congregation to enjoy together, including our annual Lenten Pancake Breakfast, Pentecost Picnic, Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas Breakfast, and periodic fellowship meals throughout the years. Our Presbyterian cooks are known far and wide for their skills, and there is always enough food to share with everyone.

WORSHIP: The Worship Committee, in consultation with the minister, is responsible for the celebration of worship at First Presbyterian Church, in keeping with the principles in the Directory for Worship in the Book of Order. The Committee schedules liturgists, ushers (who also serve as offertory procession participants) and communion servers. For special seasons of the liturgical year, the Committee schedules participants in the lighting of the Advent Candle, the Good Friday Vigil, and other events. The Committee prepares communion elements as needed.

The Committee recognizes that Christian worship should meet and enhance the spiritual needs of the congregation as a whole and as individuals, and acts to lead the church into the life of the world to participate in God’s purpose to redeem time, to sanctify space, and to transform material reality for the glory of God.

PERSONNEL AND FINANCE: In the area of Personnel, this committee generally oversees the employees of the Church and performs annual reviews, all in accordance with Session-approved position descriptions and guidelines. In the area of Finance, this committee assists the minister and Session in formulating policies and procedures to properly manage our resources in accordance with the polity expressed in our Book of Order, and as good stewards. It has oversight in the management of Church finances and works closely with the Treasurer, and conducts our annual stewardship campaign.